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Saturday, 22 March 2014

User Submitted TRPs of dramas but the Flaws within them too, Report By Ammar Qazi

Report By Ammar Qazi

First of all I would like say that I am writing an article first time so I don’t know that how to do it beautifully, but I will try my best.
Well here are the ratings provided by Tvkahani which was a good source in my opinion before.
Rating Update:
1. Aasmano Pay Likha (Last Episode, did a 10)
2. Do Qadam Door Thay (Averaging 7, about same as Aasmano earlier)
3. Shukk (jumped to 6)
4. Mann Kay Moti (fallen to 5)
5. Muhabbat Subha Ka Sitara Hai (averaging 4 now, has increased)
6. Rukhsaar (averaging 4 now, has increased)
7. Uff Yeh Muhabbat (started on a 4)
8. Meri Beti (doing a 3)
9. Quddusi Saheb Ki Bewah (doing a 3)
10. Rubaru (increased to 3)
GEO’s Soap Meri MAA is tremendous as well
I said before so it meant something. A person asked Tvkahni about no Pyaray Afzal then they said that yeah PA is doing well on 3 TRPs, but that was the news I can’t digest. So I will provide some proof against it.
First of all I begin with idea proof. I accept that APL can do well as it was its last episode and due to cute lead it can attract viewers and also after so much dragging people love to watch last episodes :). But how can Mann ke Moti and DKDT go so above. Yeah Mann ke moti has FQ and DKDT has Sami khan and AK so they can get good ratings but still they can’t rock and stand beside Shukk.
Now some observations. In my opinion and many others, dramasonline is currently that best website for online Pakistan Dramas and when I visited its links of and dailymotion I saw this.
Mann ke Moti last episode got 3.9 k views on and 6900 views on Dailymotion ( 3 days ago)
And DQDT last episode got 2.5 k views on and 6 k views on Dailymotion ( 12 hours ago )
and here’s our PA, its last episode got 10.5 k views on and 24 k views on Dailymotion (13 hours)
And Sarmad Khan’s favorite UFM last episode got 895 views on and 7k views on dailymotion
and PA’s that week episode got 15.2 views on and 59 k views on dailymotion.
In this list I accept ratings of Shukk, APL and MSKSH but I am sure that PA would be beside them too. I will defend Becharay Afzal in all sorts of discussions. Yeah I thought that Pyaray Afzal name should be changed to Becharay Afzal.
Well that’s all I want to say. Please share your views and instead of criticizing, correcting would be something more good. And if you find any grammar mistake then please correct me because I am in First Year ( 11th Class) and have to get excellent marks in Exams.

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