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The video clips related with our website which are basically from,, Dailymotion and Facebook. If in case you want to Remove some video stuff from our website then quickly submit an email message to the admin of this site @

All the pictures, videos etc shown on Website are the property of their respective owners. We don't hold any copyright about mentioned content. We find images from the web that are covered under Fair Use and believed to belong in the public domain.

All the pictures, videos and games contained  were collected from different public sources, including different websites, social media pages, considered to be in public domain.

Fun Mahole makes every attempt possible to source the artist or photographer, but sometimes cannot find the exact information. We respect the work of others, that is why we always try to put a link to the source where images were found. The links of the sites that own author’s rights and/or public domains where the content was collected are indicated above each post right before the comment section.
We are using outside advertisement companies to show ads on our web site. These ads may include cookies and are collected according to the advertisement companies, and we do not have access to this information. We business with the advertisement companies: Google Ad sense, and others. Please check their sites as for respective privacy policies.

Please note that we strictly do not allow competitive advertisements
Terms of Service.
The page outlines the main principals which you must follow by when using the web site. In the circumstances which the piece of content uses the terms “We” outlines the owners, moderators and administrators which have created, developed and moderated the  site

We DONT host any type of videos on this website. All of the videos found on our web site are found without any cost available around the web on websites such as,, Selfcast,, Youtube, Facebook, Etc. We make no guarantees or claims in our service and take no liability for our viewers actions. We are not affiliated nor claim to be affiliated with any type of the owners of videos/streams played on our web site. All of the content is copyright of their respective owners.

We urge all of the copyright owners, to recognize that links contained inside this website are placed somewhere else on the web. The embedded link points to the location of the video on the internet. Kindly direct all of the copyright infringement problems to the companies that host these data (,, Freedocast, Youtube, Zshare, Mega Video,,Daily Motion Etc) If you still wish to direct contact us email us the admin of this site @

This piece of content consists the Terms and Conditions of using this web site.

1. Liabilities.
1.1 Although every proper care is now taken in the preparation of the Web site, you recognize that it is not technically possible to run the Web site free of all problems, and we give no guarantee as to the carried on process of the Website and accept no liability for any sort of time the Website is no more operational as a result to problems or repairs and maintenance.
1.2 You understand that the information provided to us is by a 3rd party and as such, we are unable to take responsibility as for this information. We completely appreciate the work of our 3rd parties and also take no credit for their efforts.
1.3 The information on the Web site is structured to conform with Pakistani law and we cannot be held responsible for any sort of non-compliance with relevant local laws in any other jurisdiction.

2. Use of information.
2.1 The information provided from this site is not managed by us. In this instance we are unable to take burden for what you do with this information and may be re-distributed with permission of its original writers.

3.Links to and from this Website.
3.1 The Web site might include hypertext links to sites run by 3rd parties. We do not have handling of such sites and you therefore agree that we have no responsibility or liability for their stuff.
we, are No more accountable for Member Comments, We give full rights to viewers to present their opinions openly.we  Reserves the right to delete any comment
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If you have recognized one of your photos, videos or other from the content on Fun Mahole that is in violation of copyright law, please Email us at.
  According to your request, we will put a link to your portfolio/site (if you’re the author), otherwise we would immediately remove your material from the site upon proper proof and identification.

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